New CPB Initiative
Digital Transformation Program

Beth Jacobs, CPB VP for Digital Strategy & Innovation
Quentin Hope, Strategy Consultant at the Poynter Institute

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October 15, 2021

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The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is launching a new initiative in which some 75 public media CEOs and their teams will be supported in a virtual program aimed at transforming digital operations and culture.

The program will provide coaching, educational webinars, exercises and resources on the strategies, methodologies, and tools for adopting best practices to transform digital operations and culture to become more audience centric.

Beth Jacobs, CPB's Vice President for Digital Strategy & Innovation, is overseeing this new initiative.

The Poynter Institute will manage the array of program activities, establishing four cohorts of up to 20 public media leaders, who will participate in a nine-month curriculum. The program includes one-on-one coaching sessions, peer-group sessions, educational webinars, work exercises, and resources. Each CEO will work with their team on a specific digital performance challenge with clearly defined business outcomes, such as attracting and growing new and diverse audiences, increasing audience engagement, converting audiences to loyal members, and driving new revenues from digital channels.

The lead consultant is Quentin Hope, who has guided Poynter's Table Stakes project for the past several years. Quentin has consulted with SRG on several occasions, including developing the initial business plan for PRX and a couple of rounds of strategic planning with SRG's board.

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