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Public Radio in the New Network Age
The Report of the Public Radio Audience Growth Task Force
[Final Edition]
"We propose that public radio double the number of people who use public radio each week, increase the average audience to half again what it is today, and triple the number of people of color in the average audience."

The final report from the Task force has been sharpened with input from hundreds of public radio professionals and lay leaders.

    Summary of Recommendations
    This document presents just the key recommendations from the larger report.

    Proposals for Investments in New Media
    We asked fourteen public media leaders – station and network executives, producers, and consultants to the field – to suggest specific actions and investments over the next several years that would advance the new media recommendations from Grow the Audience.

    Conversations on Draft Recommendations
    Twenty leaders of local public media organizations discuss draft recommendations for audience growth in one-to-one conversations. A virtual "executive seminar" on key issues in audience growth.

    Public Radio 2.0 – Report from the New Media Working Group
    Media technology consultant Skip Pizzi pulls together the thinking of 16 top professionals in the field, both inside and outside of public broadcasting. The result is some high level principles and specific recommendations at the intersection of broadcasting and new media.

Performance of Classical Music Stations
A series of reports on listening and giving. Get them all in a single document with the link above, or individually with the links below.

Performance of Public Radio News Stations
A series of reports on listening, giving, and the impact of building local newsrooms. Get them all in a single document with the link above, or individually with the links below.

Key Steps by Public Radio's National Producers, Networks, and Professional Organizations
National efforts to build our public service in the year following early 2010 publication of Grow the Audience's recommendations. Part of holding ourselves accountable.

Audience Goals: Report on System Progress
How is public radio doing in meeting our goals for use, reach, and diversity? it is tough tracking the trends as Arbitron changes its measuring systyem, but there is encouraging news in the most recent data.

The Performance of Classical Music Stations
The Performance of NPR News Stations
These companion reports on station performance explore the interplay of market characteristics and stations' audiences – explaining differences, identifying top performers, and predicting results for new stations.

All That Twitters Is Not Gold – Station Online Strategy
Interviews with managers and online staff, an outside "audit" of station web sites, and the beginnings of a strategic template for planning and evaluation. PRX and consultant Quentin Hope developed an in-depth assessment of current online performance and aspirations at Station Resource Group member stations that agreed to share their views and their data.

Brainstorming with PDs
Ideas for audience growth from a session at the 2008 Public Radio Programming Conference sponsored by PRPD.

You can also view the conference presentation by the GTA team here.

Listening by Black and Hispanic College Graduates
If higher education continues to be a hallmark of public radio users, how does public radio most effectively serve the full range of racial and ethnic diversity embodied by that demographic? This report, original research with an innovative framework, gives us critical background information in working toward an answer.

Situation Analysis
A fact-based starting point from which to begin discussion of strategies and tactics to widen the use and deepen the value of public radio. Situation Analysis integrates findings from prior studies with current listening and demographic data.

First Cut: Options for Growth
Beginning the process of laying out specific actions for discussion and further development.

Call for Transformation: Themes from the Audience Task Force
Task Force members outline bold directions and ambitious aspirations for this project

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