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The Station Resource Group is an alliance of public media organizations that operate leading public radio stations and related services across America.

SRG members serve their communities with a growing array of programming and services – on-air, across the evolving platforms of the networked digital age, and by direct engagement with individuals and organizations.

SRG gives its members sustainable public service strategies along with knowledge, insight, and inspiration. SRG assures a strong station voice in the evolving design of public media and fosters operational excellence and innovative initiatives that improves members' individual and collective efforts and their significance in the communities they serve. SRG members are a diverse constituency that includes:

  • Many of public radio's largest organizations, such as Minnesota Public Radio, WNYC, KQED, and Wisconsin Public Radio

  • Energetic operations in rural and smaller communities, such as Prairie Public in Fargo and Boise State Public Radio.

  • Broadcasters that take public radio beyond familiar formats, such as public radio's leading AAA station WXPN, the nation's principal producer of Latino public radio programming, Radio Bilingüe, and Koahnic Broadcasting, which manages public radio's Native American network.

  • SRG informs stations' strategic planning and strengthens their operating effectiveness through in-depth analysis, long-term planning, and collaborative projects.

    SRG's special competency is to integrate wide-ranging findings and to address complex issues in a fashion that resonates with station managers and system leaders and inspires action and change.

    SRG seeks to inspire and enable our stations'; managers to work as effective change agents within their own organizations. We look to help these key players lead toward a stronger future, not necessarily with answers and prescriptions, but with the right questions, provocations, and issues and the backing of powerful research, analysis, and vision.

    SRG is headed by Bill Davis, a veteran public media leader who served as founding President of Southern California Public Radio, Vice President for Programming at NPR, and top executive at public radio stations in North Carolina and New York.

    As SRG looks ahead, the focus is on issues of mission, public service, connection to community, and meaningful station roles in local civic and cultural affairs. We see a powerful, broadly-shared impulse toward community-focused and station-originated content that extends public radio's core values, gives richer meaning to our ambitions for significant programming, and reinforces our importance to our audiences. Our aim is to help stations translate this vision to real, effective, and sustainable service.

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