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Brilliant on the Basics: Listener Support (BoB) started in the spring of 1997 as a collaborative learning project involving eighteen members of the Station Resource Group. Working together over two and a half years, participants set common goals, identified growth opportunities, monitored performance, commissioned research, implemented new practices, and reported to the public radio system.

BoB met and exceeded its goals in every dimension. FY2000 listener support for the participating stations totaled $5.5 million more than in FY1997, after adjusting for inflation. Stations were investing more to achieve these results, but, after backing out expenses, the net increase in income available for public service was $3.4 million. As important, this growth appears to be a stable, sustainable level of performance.

Along with other system initiatives, many supported by CPB, this project contributed to a significant, long-term shift in the support public radio as a whole enjoys from its listeners. And time and again, we have heard from project participants that it was one of the most important professional development experiences in their careers.

A final project report reviews the development of the project, key findings, and the results obtained by participants. The 17-page report is in Adobe Acrobat format.
You may get the reader free by clicking here.

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