The ambition of public radio's most inspired organizations is in the direction of becoming public service media companies, defined by the character of their content, their commitments to public service, their trusted relationships with audiences, and their capacity to move across multiple channels to achieve their missions.
   S T A T I O N   R E S O U R C E   G R O U P   
C H A R T I N G   T H E   T E R R I T O R Y

Charting the Territory is the Station Resource Group's national planning initiative to find ways in which stations can best realize their public service ambitions in coming years. The links below will take you to reports, studies, and presentations from the project.

A Call to Plan — a brief context for SRG's planning initiative.

Report of Initial Findings — what we learned in meetings with station leaders and national organization executives.

Public Radio 2010: Challenge and Opportunity in a Time of Radical Change – an essay by SRG's co-CEOs delivered as the keynote address at the 2005 Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference.

Visions of Public Radio's Future — a look at key changes in our field and strategies that will strengthen our stations and our service.

The Path to Significance — eight common themes in the experience of public radio stations that have made a “transformative leap” in their organizational stature.

Governance — how we align our governance with our public service mission, the importance of civic leadership, creative use of community advisory boards, plus a tool for self-assessment of how well we are doing.

Local Content Creation — strategies and tools to increase the value of local programming to listeners and to stations, including SRG's Program Ledger.

The Value and Values of Public Radio's Classical Music — an exploration of how listeners value classical music programming and the values they expect to hear in how we present it.

Charting the Territory: 2003 Public Radio Conference Keynote — slides from SRG co-CEO Tom Thomas's address that pulled together many of the themes from this planning initiative.

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Charting the Territory is supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the members of the Station Resource Group.

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