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Community-based financial support is the principal funding for local public media.

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Looking back

In 2011 SRG, working with Greater Public (then called Development Exchange), explored the case for philanthropic investments in local journalism for public radio by soliciting the perspectives of individual public radio donors and foundations. Here is a detailed report of findings.

Presentation slides based on this research are available here.

The Growing Role of Larger Gifts to Local Public Radio
Gifts over $1,000 are playing an increasing role in individual giving to public radio. A small number of organizations accounts for a large portion of these gifts. This report highlights the trends.

Major Giving Workshop
Margaret Hunt, major giving consultant, presents results from a survey of SRG members on the status of major giving and pilot results from Greater Public's major giving project. From the SRG 2022 Planning Retreat.

Pandemic Impact on Underwriting for Public Radio News Stations
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on underwriting support of local public radio from businesses, foundations, and nonprofit organizations. This report compares 2021 results to pre-pandemic figures from 2019.

Philanthropic Support for Classical Music Radio
Public radio classical stations aspire to new levels of giving to power capacity, engagement, and digital services. The case for such support must also move to new levels – speaking to larger interests, opportunities, and concerns. SRG's Classical Music Rising commissioned Deborah Lein, a leader in fundraising and marketing, to prepare reports on these themes.

SRG's Mobile Giving Project
Nine SRG members joined a 2016 project to improve their mobile giving programs – more conversions, more sustaining gifts, and higher donation amounts. The work emphasized A/B testing of options and tracking performance indicators. This report includes recommendations that can be adopted broadly.

Individual Giving to Public Radio: Analysis, Theory, Proven Practices and Good Ideas to Raise More Money.
Individual giving is public radio's largest source of support. This in-depth report draws from a wide-range of best-in-the-field consultants and analysts and SRG's own research. Published in 2008, the report's comprehensive perspective has enduring value for the field.

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