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Local public media organizations across the country are strengthening their roles as primary and essential providers of local public service journalism

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Looking back

In 2011, SRG's Grow the Audience project took a close look at factors that predict the performance of public radio news stations. We have recalculated these analyses several times. While the performance of individual stations has changed, the patterns have remained consistent over time.

Public media's local journalists - October 2021 update
This brief report presents public media's growing role in local journalism as a powerful, distributed network, set against the broad declines in journalism across the country. Updated with new data from local organiztion reports to CPB.

Public media added over 1,150 new journalist positions in the 9 years from 2011 to 2021. As we note in the report, we have lost of few of those jobs during the pandemic, but we have also added others as stations keep pushing forward.

American Journalism Project and public media
After an initial hesitancy to invest in public media organizations, the American Journalism Project selected two SRG members – WFAE, Charlotte and Louisville Public Media – for a "pilot project" to leverage strong performers to even greater success.

Report for America and public media
Report for American has funded 70 positions at public media organizations over the past four years. They are mostly reporters early in their careers who are reported from under-covered communities and under-reported topics.

Raising Our Sights in Local Journalism
This 2018 report places the steady growth of public media's local journalism in a multi-year context of growth.

Transformative Investments in Local Journalism – Making the Case
In 2011 SRG, working with Greater Public (then known as the Development Exchange), explored the case for philanthropic investments in local journalism for public radio by soliciting the perspectives and opinions of individual public radio donors and foundation representatives. This is a detailed report of findings.

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