SRG 2022 Retreat – member priorities, presentations, and background material.

NPR Network Proposals – listen to discussions with NPR leaders and SRG members on key concepts, concerns, and opportunities.

Diversity | Equity | Inclusion – Listen to SRG Forums on local strategies, collaborative work, and a network overview.

Public media's local journalists – updated profile of public media's growing local newsrooms, including remarkable resilience through the first year of the pandemic.

SRG 2021 Activity Plan – Priorities for our current work.

Audience Intelligence – reports from our exploration of tools and techniques to better understand our digital users.

Digital Strategies for Classical Public Radio – read an in-depth look at challenges and opportunities

Federal support of public media – thoughts on making the case for a continued public investment.

Mobile Giving Project – working together for more effective mobile donations – the project is underway.

Code of Editorial Integrity – principles and guidelines to protect the trust, independence, and accountability of local public media organizations.

Grow the Audience – planning the path to wider use and deeper value for public radio. Reports on the performance of news stations and classical stations.

Mobile Internet: A Replacement for Radio? – Skip Pizzi on "the slow crossfade" in audio delivery platforms.

Future of Media – SRG's comments about public media in the FCC's wide-ranging inquiry

Individual Giving to Public Radio – an in-depth report with analysis, theory, proven practices, and good ideas to raise more money.

The Public Radio Format Study – these reports track important differences associated with public radio's different formats. An in-depth look at performance over the past six years.
Financial Patterns
Listening Patterns

Attack Ourselves – a think piece on strategic differentiation of public radio news formats.

Local Content Top Performers – programming that works on its own terms and for the station as a whole.

Community Advisory Boards – profiles of successful models around the country.

Focus on Civic Leadership - the key factor in governance

Keeping the Morning Edition Audience – lessons from top performers.

The Program Ledger: Evaluating Program Performance – as stations step up commitments to local programming, it is crucial to assess the impact of these important but costly investments.

The Path to Significance – eight key steps at public radio stations that made a transformative leap in organizational stature.

Programming performance – expectations for our local content and a study to spot stations doing especially well.

Strategy, analysis, planning, and collaboration. Public radio's leading stations sharpen their operations and shape their vision by working together as members of the Station Resource Group.

This site provides access to many of SRG's current projects and an archive of key material from earlier initiatives. Each of the major section titles below will take you to an overview of that area and links to reports, presentations, and other materials.

SRG members are committed to be more diverse, inclusive, and fair organizations that rectify racism and sexism and better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

SRG has a multi-part, multi-year plan to amplify diversity within member organizations and to encourage programming and services in which a wider range of the public can hear and see themselves.

Forums for members and national leaders are exploring concrete efforts, plans, and results of DEI work. Recordings and materials from many of the forums are available here.

Local public media organizations across the country are strengthening their roles as primary and essential providers of local public service journalism.

SRG members are pursuing a long-term strategy to build capacity with more "feet on the street" to report, more editors and producers to sharpen the work, and more technology options to present reporting where audiences will go to find it and on devices and in formats that they will choose to use.

To fuel this growth, members are successfully seeking tens of millions in new investments.

How can public radio achieve wider use and deeper value for its work? SRG spearheaded a wide-ranging effort to outline opportunities, provoke thinking, and encourage actions to increase public radio's public service. The Grow the Audience section of our site includes research reports, think pieces, and recommendations from the Public Radio Audience Growth Task Force.

SRG works with stations to help them improve their programming efforts, reach more listeners and provide greater value to their audiences.

The programming section of our site includes a think piece on strategic differentiation of public radio news, reports on research about top performers in local programming, and a framework for assessing the benefits and costs of program investments.

Listener support and underwriting are the economic engines that drive public radio's financial growth. SRG has tracked revenue from these key sources – and the costs of raising it – over several years. Our latest report concentrates on individual giving, the largest single source of station support.

Aligning our structures with our public service mission, whether at independent organizations, universities, or other institutions.

SRG examined content, service, and organizational strategies that will take today's public radio stations to the public service media companies of the future. We have published over a dozen reports and findings across key areas.

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